Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bear McCreary, Composer (and He of Awesome Hair)

If, like me, you think the music for The Walking Dead is awesome (and if, like me, you also thought the music for BSG was fan freakin' tastic), then you'll be interested to know that the composer has a blog, and regularly posts videos of himself and his collaborators.  I took special interest in this video explaining the composition process. Unfortunately, the video file doesn't have an embed code. So no pretty video file to put directly in the post.

He seems too young and, well, goofy to be such an accomplished, polished composer. But that he is.

Bear McCreary's Website
Bear McCreary's Blog

P.S. I plan to record or write an article on The Walking Dead. I'm looking at January for my podcast to start.

The Walking Dead trailer

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