Monday, November 29, 2010

Have Faith in Faith! (Er, Eliza!)

Eliza Dushku will be starring in a new pilot for TNT.

TNT, you're on notice. Don't screw this up like Fox screwed up Eliza's other shows.

(Photo courtesy of the fan size Eliza Dushku Central)

Comics Can Predict More Than Next Year's Newest Movie Franchise

Comics predicted several tragedies and weapons. I always new comic writers were prescient, but that's crazy!

It would make sense if the Man of Steel was the Man of ESP, also. He probably could see the future. All he has to do is speed up the earth.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Caprica's last five episodes to air on Syfy January 4th

Syfy...oh, Syfy. Why? I was riding high using my holoband. And.

Now we hear the end is here. The last five eps burned off in an eve.

Caprica Caprica Caprica

On BSG your capital city looked very yellow, but I never noticed that on your namesake show.

But now there is no show. Syfy, bad idea.  We all say so.

Amy Farrah Fowler Forever!!!

Mayim Bialik

Or you can call her Mayim Bialik.  I want to be like Mayim Bialik. Seriously! She's a neuroscientist. I bet she doesn't take crap from people. Look at her! She's awesome!

She's also been promoted to series regular on The Big Bang Theory.

Melissa Rauch, with Wolowizard and the back of Leonard's head

Not to be outdone, Melissa Rauch, who plays Wolowitz's girlfriend, Bernadette, has also become a regular.  Reading her bio on her website makes me really want to see her live work.

Fringe is moving to Friday nights

Oh dear.  Fringe is on Fox. Fringe is moving to Fridays.

Remember Firefly? Dollhouse? Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles?  These were all scifi shows I was very fond of.

They were all on Fox.  (Dum Dum...that's the Law and Order noise)

They were all on Friday nights. (Dum Dum...)

They were all canceled either within a year, or a little over a year.

Oh, this sucks.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I wish I could have gone to this. An Irish comedy festival addressing economics. That's the best way to talk about economics!Link

Thoughts On a Subject

Okay, everyone brace yourself. I wouldn't call this talking politics, but something I watched a few weeks ago got me thinking.

A few weeks ago, Jimmy Carter was on Real Time With Bill Maher, episode 195. Growing up in Georgia, I revered this man from an early age. When I was younger the favorable attitude was because he's from Georgia, and because I like peanuts. Now I realize what a wise, smart, kind person he is. Some people may disagree. I know his presidency had problems. I'm more focused on what he's done since 1980, and it's a lot. He's done some amazing things for this country and for humanity.

When he was on Bill Maher, he said something that particularly resonated with me. I can't find a transcript or a video of his appearance, unfortunately. He was promoting his book of recollections from his time in the White House (White House Diaries). The book has some very honest, and surprisingly off-putting passages, but on the show (and everytime I've heard him speak), he has talked with a humility and brilliance that I wish were valued by more people.

President Carter was talking about our rampant consumerism, and the prevalent attitude that we are entitled to everything that's available. He said that too many people in our society believe they have a "special privilege on earth", "don't need to sacrifice anything" and can "waste what [they] want with impunity". Some people use the phrase "American Exceptionalism" to describe this mindset (though others consider American Exceptionalism to mean we're different because of our democratic process, judicial system, etc., not "privileged" or superior. Even Wikipedia can't come to a consensus). I would argue that we're not different--we're all human. President Carter was lamenting the notion that we're above everyone else. That we somehow deserve more than other people. We don't.

We are no more special or entitled than anyone else on this earth. If anything, it's the humble and unassuming attitude of some of this country's citizens that most represents the American spirit to me.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Global Survey of the English Language

Global Language Monitor has the top ten words and phrases of 2010 here. The jury is still out on "refudiate" being allowed to be a word.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big Art Teacher Brother is Watching

I do not believe it is beneficial to harm ones body for art. I *definitely* don't believe in the merits of implanting anything in ones body for art or education.

Turn left at the Costa Rican flag.

In the realm of "I can't make this crap up": Nicaraguan troops depended on Google maps to tell them where their country is. And Google maps was wrong.

Didn't their mothers ever tell them not to believe everything Google says? After all, that's how wars start!

No more "drunk Facebooking"

Okay, so I went to Webroot and looked for this allegedly available Facebook app, but I could not find anything. They have a page that asks you what your favorite online activities are, to help determine what software you need, but I didn't see "get drunk and post on Facebook.

So, the question is: Is this a joke? If it is, then how long before someone actually creates this app? Afterall, Gmail can prevent you from drunk-e-mailing.

Update!!! I did see it on the front page of Webroot's site. I'll be darned! The link directs to this page.

Social Media Sobriety Test from TDA_Boulder on Vimeo.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Beginning

Hello. This is Lola. Ceruleanlobster to some. Lolabelle to others. If you call me anything else, you do so at your own risk. I'm a spitfire.

My plan for this site is for it to serve as a blogging platform for me to post my own observations about pop culture, including TV, movies, books, some comics, other blogs and podcasts. I'll also post links to news articles and other outside content. I'm also interested in politics and technology, and that may sneak in occasionally, but I'm not showy about politics. I'm not the type who makes it a requisite that you think my way. I'm all about debate.

I will also begin producing a companion podcast. It's going to take me a few weeks to get it going. I podcasted for 4 years, but I've been out of the game for nearly a year. This new podcast will be completely different from my prior podcast, so I have to write out a plan for it. I have to think about format and what type of content I will include.

Unfortunately, it will just be me. I will try to be entertaining! Since my specialty has always been finding good, independent music, I'll include music in the podcast. Production-wise, I'm no audio engineer, but I'll do my best. I'm always learning.

If you'd like to see my music blog, it's here. The podcasts probably aren't playable any more because I stopped the service. I'm not sure if those podcasts will be available again once I start paying the hosting company for my new podcast.

I plan to begin posting to this new blog this week.

I will promise you this: I am funny and outrageous. I'm also very knowledgeable about pop culture (with a focus on all things SCIFI).