Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Will Ferrell clip from The Office

Don't get too excited about this being permanent, though. Will Farrell is only on for a few episodes, or so we've been told...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Star Wars Interrogation

I want to work on the podcast today, but I'm a little when I speak, I sound like a very impetuous zombie.

Law and the Multiverse

I've heard of LA Law. I've heard of Law and Order. I've heard of Lucy Lawless (Xena!!!). But Xena, er, law in space? Would it work? It didn't work so well in Firefly. In fact, I was always rootin' for the "lawless" ones (Captain Mal and the gang). I didn't root for the truly unmoraled ones, though (eww Reavers!). Anyways, my point is...there's a blog called Law and the Multiverse! bringing Multiverse into it, do you think they'll talk about the "other side" (a la Fringe)?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Podcast Episode 3 Is Up!

This episode was almost finished last weekend, but then the computer shut off unexpectedly, and...yeah.

In this episode I talk about The Adjustment Bureau (great!), Rango (great!), the resurgence of Firefly hope (I wish...) and some other stuff. I also have a new haiku.

I feature this music:

Devotchka, "100 Lovers" (thanks to KEXP)

The War On Drugs, "Comin' Through" (thanks to their label Secretly Canadian)

Parts and Labor, "Rest" (thanks to their label Jagjaguwar)

Peter Broderick, "Below It", (thanks to his label Hush Records)

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Wil Wheaton, as Evil Wil Wheaton, at the Emerald City Comic-Con

My usual caveat: If you don't want to hear the "f" word, don't watch this video.

Jon Cryer on being a troll: "It gets sort of better"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rap Master Maurice, the Revenge Rapper

I think this is a real thing. It has a Paypal button and everything. Go to his website to hear some of his revenge raps. Also, I think he does other stuff, too.

He also has a Facebook. I made sure to include it so I don't get a revenge rap.

**Note** I've got most of the podcast recorded. I have to re-record a small bit of it because it did that mystery fading out.