Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cerulean's Love of Pop Culture, Episode 16

Cerulean's Love of Pop Culture, Episode 16, In which I create the word "utteration" and say "alternate history" when I mean "alternate future".

Note: The last segment of the podcast is of significantly lower volume than the rest. I recorded it in a different room on a different surface.

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This is what I discuss:

Last Resort
A spoilery review of Last Resort (also from Io9)
Nice review for Looper.
Annalee Newitz from IO9 loves Person of Interest! It is worth loving. has compiled a list of season premieres
The World's End
Jason Katims to direct half-hour comedy based on the movie About a Boy  (I think my discussion of this got lost in the editing fiasco.)
The Next Generation is 25 years old.
25 little known Next Generation facts
New Scifi bookstore in Brooklyn. No, I'm nowhere near Brooklyn. I think this also got lost in the editing terror of 2012.

I don't think I talked about this, but this is one odd story. The doctors who did this are amazing.

Tyler Butler, "Morana"
Download the song at his label's Soundcloud page

New Trailor for Cloud Atlas

I'm not sure about this. It might be Vanilla Sky weird, instead of life-altering weird.

Ben Affleck Talks About Argo

I am so excited for this movie.

Klingon Style

I've been trying to avoid getting in on the gangham thing, but this is in real Klingon! It's The Next Generation's 25th anniversary! I post this because I love life, I love Star Trek, and I love Klingons!!!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cerulean's Love of Pop Culture, Episode 15

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In this episode I talk about my first short story podcast.

I talk about my novel and the Southern Beer Review show.

We plan to go to Universal for Halloween Horror Nights and the Harry Potter world. Any other suggestions?

Halfway through my boyfriend woke up, and apparently sounds from the kitchen carry very well.

The new fall season has started. I thought Revolution was meh. Ben and Kate was trying a little too hard, but I love Lucy Punch. I want to like The Mindy Project because I'm fond of Mindy Kaling and some of the other actors on the show.

How I Met Your Mother cheat sheet.

Big Bang Theory trailer.

Creative Emmy winners

Arrested Development casting news.

I put the video for the Psych Comic-Con panel on the blog.

The music I use in this episode is Benjamin Francis Leftwich, "Swim Until You Can't See Land" (Frightened Rabbit cover). You may listen to it here or download his EP at his site.

Psych Comic-Con Panel

Friday, September 14, 2012

Gillian Anderson Celebrates 40 Years of FBI Female Special Agents

I love you Scully!

First Story Podcast!

My first short story podcast is up! The blog post is here.

The direct link to the audio is here.

This is the RSS. It's supposed to be on iTunes, but I haven't found it.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Podcast Promo

I recorded a promo for my podcasts. I'm working on the first episode of my writing podcast. I've got a host for it, but I'll post more when it's ready.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ayy Ayy Ayy!

You said that William Shatner is making a documentary about my show? Yippee!!!

TrekWeb quotes William Shatner as saying: "[A Xena convention] is a love fest. It is an embracing of like-minded people. That’s what I discovered. I am editing it right now and it is a fascinating documentary."

Sneak Peek, The Walking Dead

Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra, "The Killing Type"

I usually don't post videos with a commercial in front, but I'm making an exception for this video. I do love Amanda Palmer. She's so intense—I'm exhausted after watching this video.

If anyone has a problem with mild gore, I would suggest not watching this video!

I wonder if she and Neil Gaiman had a conversation after he heard this song. This is my imagining of that conversation:

Neil: song...

Amanda: Oh, don't get all 'Delirium' on me. It's a fictional song about a fictional person.

Neil (backing away): Uh...okay...just checking...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Episode 14

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Episode 14

The Podcast track had a panel called Podcasting Authors Roundtable with T. Morris Scott Sigler, Gail Z. Martin, Phillipa Ballantine and Christiana Ellis. I mispronounced Phillipa's name.

I have post-Dragon*Con fatigue and confusion, by the way.

The Sword and Laser podcast and videocast recorded as part of the Podcast track with Veronica Belmont, Tom Merritt and their guest R.A. Salvatore. Website

RevCast also recorded as part of the Podcast track. Revcast is a part of the Revolution SF website, based out of Atlanta. It was with Gary Mitchel, Michael Faulkner, James Palmer. I've been going to that site for years. Website (Also related: Chronic Rift and James Palmer)

The Vaginal Fantasy Goodreads group and videocast had a panel with Veronica Belmont, Felicia Day, and Kiala Kazabee. Yes, this too was part of the Podcasting track. Hey give me a break. One day I want to get good at podcasting! Website Hangout

TWIT Tech News Today had a panel with Tom Merritt, guest Veronica Belmont, Randal Schwartz, Jonathan Strickland and Brian Brushwood (Podcast track). Website

The X-Track panel for Warehouse 13 had show writer Deric A. Hughes. He co-wrote the webisodes and cowrote some of the episodes.Leigh Bennett-Conner is the track director.

The Space track had the panel To Boldly go where? On the panel were A.C. Charania, Kim Steadman (JPL), Mika McKinnon and Stephen Fleming.

Hobbit Secrets Revealed from . did a better job than me of documenting the panel.

I attended the Magnificient Men of Science Fiction panel with Gary Kim Hayes, Timothy Zahn, A. J. Hartley.

The Horror and Dark fantasy track had a True Blood panel with Joe Mangiello, Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis and Carrie Preston.

The American Scifi Classics track had Stump the Geek. I won a t-shirt, and I didn't get Hulked! Joe Crowe hosted.

The American Scifi and Fantasy Media track had a Game of thrones discussion.

I Watched part of the simulcast of the Hugo awards.

Short film "Loom" by Luke Scott. Watch it here.

Walking Dead spoilers

Watch the pilot episode of Revolution

Music: Riot Act Media sent me the mp3 for "Descent" from The Album Leaf's new EP FORWARD/RETURN.

Michael Clarke Duncan has passed on. I really liked The Finder. I'm sad that he's gone, but he left on a fine note.

BAMF Girls Club

This is quite good! There's a tiny spoiler regarding Michonne. If you're read her story in the comics, then it won't surprise you.

Play Dead, a zombie short from the viewpoint of the dogs who survived

Sigh...I wasn't happy about some of the things that happened toward the end, but it was still a very good short. I love the profile descriptions of the dogs.

Short Film "Loom", by Luke Scott

Are you lonely?

 from Red Digital Cinema