Sunday, January 23, 2011

Comcast and NBC, Sitting in a Tree

I got rid of Comcast about a month ago after being their customer for about seven years. I'd had problems with them over the years, and I'd had the final straw.  It seems like I can't get away from them, even when I'm away from them. They now own NBC. I knew this was coming - they'd been planning it for over a year.  30 Rock very deftly transitioned their fake NBC from GE to Kabletown. It's final now, though. The merger has been approved.

What could this mean? It could mean nothing. The internet could hum along quite nicely. Or it could mean that Comcast subscribers get to see 30 Rock first, or they get faster speed when streaming it, while other competitors could stay at the same speed or be decreased.  Comcast now has a big stake in the TV world.
They might not like it when their customers use Netflix on their bandwidth.

I'm more angry with the FCC than with Comcast. This seems like a blatant rip into anti-trust laws. Here's a good article on The Huffington Post that focuses more on the FCC's role.

This is all speculation. We don't know what they'll do. It's my opinion that if anyone's download speed is deliberately increased or decreased, or if I can't watch Community when it airs, it will be bad for free enterprise.

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