Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cerulean's Love of Pop Culture, Episode 16

Cerulean's Love of Pop Culture, Episode 16, In which I create the word "utteration" and say "alternate history" when I mean "alternate future".

Note: The last segment of the podcast is of significantly lower volume than the rest. I recorded it in a different room on a different surface.

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This is what I discuss:

Last Resort
A spoilery review of Last Resort (also from Io9)
Nice review for Looper.
Annalee Newitz from IO9 loves Person of Interest! It is worth loving. has compiled a list of season premieres
The World's End
Jason Katims to direct half-hour comedy based on the movie About a Boy  (I think my discussion of this got lost in the editing fiasco.)
The Next Generation is 25 years old.
25 little known Next Generation facts
New Scifi bookstore in Brooklyn. No, I'm nowhere near Brooklyn. I think this also got lost in the editing terror of 2012.

I don't think I talked about this, but this is one odd story. The doctors who did this are amazing.

Tyler Butler, "Morana"
Download the song at his label's Soundcloud page

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