Saturday, October 13, 2012

Episode 17, In Which Lola Misstates Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Name

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This is a tiny reminder: If you'd like to listen to my short story podcast, it's here.


Mike Doughty, “Strike the Motion” (Live from KUT). The link to the video and .mp3 download are here.


The London Underground is getting strange signs. Pranksters are posting fake signs.
The Daily Mail article
BBCAmerica article
There’s a Facebook page. Stickers on the Central Line Facebook


Blastr has a list of Fifteen stories you should read after you’re read all of Lovecraft and want something similar.

Technology and culture

Stan Lee media sues Disney for 5.5 million.
Kickstarter U.K. is a thing now. A little plug here--the Beer show and magazine I contribute to, Southern Beer Review, is on Kickstarter. They want to raise money to buy good equipment.

Television and Movies

Psych has a start date. It’s not until February 27th. That makes me sad.
Ridley Scott talks about Blade Runner 2. I put the video on my blog. He seems to let slip the answer to a very important question from the first movie. Don’t watch if you don’t want to know! has a list of web series they recommend. I’ve been a fan of The Guild for years, and I’m so happy it’s back for a sixth season.
Blastr has an article about John Barrowman from Torchwood joining Arrow.
Watch the first five minutes of American Horror Story, Asylum. It premieres Wednesday the 17th.
Mockingbird Lane, the proposed remake of The Munsters, is going to be a special instead of a full series.
Blastr wrote an article on a Kickstarter project to complete the film Science Fiction Land.

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