Monday, May 21, 2012

Ooh - Fall TV Previews, Already

An ex-FBI agent (Kevin Bacon)with a history with the victims, the killer *and* the killer's family. Oh, snap. The Killing better watch out! (I just channeled Holder from The Killing) Not sure about The Mindy Project. I love the actress/writer, but I worry that this show might get too cloying. New Girl balances on the line, I think, but I'm worried this may tip over into obnoxious territory. We'll see! Oh my...oh my. I have the vapers. J.J. Abrams! Eric Kripke! Alcatraz, who? Hopefully, this'll be more Batman Begins than Smallville. Hey - Dresden's in it! We'll see. I miss Numb3rs so much. I'll put more videos in another post. Thank you, Eonline, for gathering these.

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